Company overview

Company overview

Founded in 2009, MSE – Monitoring Systems Engineering’s expert team provides efficient and economical fuel management and equipment monitoring to organizations with fuel stores and equipment at remotely located sites. The MSE group includes in-house engineering and software experts and a professional team for fuel management solutions for every client, ranging from a single remote fuel tank or generator and up to the fuel supply chain management in large scale organizations and companies.

MSE serves four market segments of the energy sector:

• Companies maintaining remote inventories of liquid fuel for their own use or, for sale or distribution,

• Companies with remote operations with prime generator units for frequently failing grid power or its absence,

• Businesses with remote offices and outlets with installed standby emergency generator units,

• Maintenance companies.


MSE systems enable clients to increase operations efficiency throughout the fuel supply chain with improved logistics, inventory control, fuel reconciliation, and by reducing human errors and fuel theft.

MSE has developed its own proprietary generic software system structure. This web based platform together with MSE’s tool box of sensors and electronic data acquisition and communication components can provide efficient and economical solutions for a variety of applications, namely for remote monitoring for fuel management and condition monitoring of operating equipment. MSE provides the client operator with continually updated real-time data reporting at any web access point (office, home, car, smart phone) round-the-clock.

MSE approaches all potential clients with the same basic question. What are your needs? From our tool box we put together a solution to meet your technical, administrative, human user interface and budget requirements. Our goal is to provide an efficiently engineered solution which integrates smoothly into your management system and organization, and according to your timetable.

For more information on MSE fuel monitoring systems, please refer to the MSE Solutions section 

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