Prime Generator Monitoring

Prime Generator Monitoring
Are there diesel-generator units in your organization that function as prime electricity sources or in frequent use? Is it imperative in your business that electrical power is available at all times? If so, have you addressed the following two basic questions which must be answered round-the-clock to ensure the ability of your generators to provide the required power when needed? Firstly, does the generator have an adequate fuel supply in its tank and secondly, does it function properly when operating? If you do not yet have clear answers to these two questions please consider the MSE systems which provide the appropriate answers for intelligent management of your generator units.

MSE offers two systems for the remote monitoring of your prime generator network; the economy model, GM100, and the comprehensive model, GM200. Both of these models comprise a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), with appropriate fuel and generator sensors, that communicates with an MSE Server Software System, which in turn presents to your operators minute-by-minute updated information on your network, round-the-clock. Details on these models are in the Description and Specification sections below.

GM100 – Economy  Generator Monitoring Unit   and   GM200 – Comprehensive Generator Monitoring Unit

Tank Sensor: A capacitive level sensor is installed in the tank. The sensor provides accurate level measurements of diesel or biodiesel fuels. For particular tank sizes and configurations another type sensor may be recommended.  

Generator Sensing for Generator Condition Monitoring

GM100 – A single wire is connected to the generator’s electrical system for sensing if the generator is running.
GM200 – If the generator controller is accessible and the generator is equipped with appropriate transducers a communication cable (RS484 or RS232) is connected between the controller and the MSE RTU for reading electrical and mechanical operating parameters. Transducers can be added and read by the RTU.  

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU): The RTU continually acquires sensor data at a high rate (> once/minute). The RTU is either housed inside the generator cabinet or in an externally mounted all weather casing. The RTU is normally powered from the generator’s battery.

Communication: Internet over cellular (gprs/gsm). If necessary, this can be modified for direct internet and in regions beyond cellular coverage the MSE system can be modified to communicate from the site via satellite or radio to an internet access point.  

MSE Server Software System: The Server Software System acquires new data continually on-line, minute-by-minute, from every generator in the network.These data enable (a) the accurate calculations of fuel volumes, volume changes and other measured parameters; (b) the detection of various irregular/abnormal events, and (c) the generation and transmission of alarms.

Client Back-Office: The client’s operator and staff can access their proprietary user site from any internet access point. The user can view at all times a 24 hour running window graphical presentation of tank volume and other parameters for each generator.  Alarm conditions are tracked. Alarms are dispatched (e.g. sms, e-mail) and posted on the user site in real time.  Daily Summary of generator activities for each tank are available and stored for future reference.  See the Specification page for more information. 

General client benefits derived from the use of MSE Prime Generator Monitoring Systems 

You the client are in the best position to know what your losses could be, tangible and otherwise, should a generator not function properly when needed. Calculate your potential losses for an hour without electricity, two hours, a full day and then decide if you should continue reading. MSE Systems will be there to assist you to ensure that there is an adequate supply of fuel to meet the next grid failure and to inform you that your generator is not functioning properly. This will enable you to perform preventive maintenance and thus avoid a shutdown crisis just when the generator has to go into action.

Furthermore, MSE provides you with: 
  • Tools for more efficient management of the scattered fuel inventory of your generators that can be achieved by enhanced supervision of the fuel supply scheduling, tanker routing and inventory balances at any moment and any site.
  • Real-time client alerts for unauthorized fuel drawing, irregular tank volume changes, low tank volume and other abnormal occurrences. 
  • Analysis tools for potential theft alerts and fuel leakage mishaps.
  • Tools for analyzing generator efficiency and changing operating conditions.
  • A means to better program preventive maintenance and general maintenance scheduling. 
Features of both GM100 and GM200

System Measurements and Calculations:
  • Fuel Volume
  • Fuel Level

Reported Normal Events:
  • Tank filling events, times and amounts
  • Generator on - grid down
  • Generator fuel use in liters/operating hour
  • Daily generator use and accumulated use 

Reported Alarms:
  • Low Fuel Volume
  • Low Level
  • Low power supply/battery  voltage
  • Unauthorized Emptying
  • Emptying Early Warning
  • Grid down – generator off
  • Slow Fuel Drain
  • Communication Interruption
  • Over Filling

Reporting Formats:
  • 24 hour summary for each tank – posted daily on website and stored
  • SMS alarm notification
  • E-mail alarm notification
  • Alarm notification tracking on website 

Additional Features:
  • Battery saving mode operation if grid is down and generator off

Additional Features for GM200 (if parameters are accessible):
  • Generator Energy/Fuel Ratio (KWH/Liter)
  • Generator 24 Hour Energy Production
  • Generator Temperature
  • Motor Coolant Temperature
  • Motor Oil Pressure
  • Generator Phase Voltages
  • Generator Phase Currents
  • Generator Power/Phase
Additional Alarms for GM200:
  • Excessive Generator Fuel Use
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • High Motor Temperature
  • High Generator Temperature
  • High Phase Current
  • Low Phase Voltage
  • Unbalanced Phase Voltages
  • Overloaded Generator
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