Fuel Monitoring

Is liquid fuel a major expense and an inventoried asset with high turnover in your organization? Do you have remotely located liquid fuel storage sites? In particular are you a company with a network of public filling stations or private refueling depots? Then clearly you would appreciate tools for reconciliation analysis, for reduced amortization uncertainties (losses, theft alerts), enhanced availability of data for more efficient logistics planning and for better informed financial decisions. MSE provides solutions for remote monitoring and management of fuel supply chain and fuel use for large and small organizations. Solutions range from a basic Core System to an expanded comprehensive fuel supply-chain-use management system. An MSE solution is tailored to your technical and management requirements and budget.

Prime Generator Monitoring

Are there diesel-generator units in your organization that function as prime electricity sources or in frequent use? Is it imperative in your business that electrical power is available at all times? If so, have you addressed the following two basic questions which must be answered round-the-clock to ensure the ability of your generators to provide the required power when needed? Firstly, does the generator have an adequate fuel supply in its tank and secondly, does it function properly when operating?  If you do not yet have clear answers to these two questions please consider the MSE systems which provide the appropriate answers for intelligent management of your generator units.

Standby Generator Monitoring

Standby generators are intended and built for infrequent use, in particular in unexpected emergency situations. Are you responsible for a network of such generators? Does your commercial company have standbys at its various outlets and offices? Are you a service company responsible for the maintenance of your clients’ standbys? Can you rest assured that these standbys will function when needed? MSE offers you a system and way to better ensure that such malfunctions in emergencies will not occur. MSE’s Standby Monitoring System SBM1 will enable you to more efficiently manage your standby network or clients. SBM1 provides you with an information tool to better maintain these standbys and reduce malfunctions at lower costs to you.
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