Gradient Ocean

Founded in 2009, MSE – Monitoring Systems Engineering’s expert team provides efficient and economical IOT remote monitoring and management systems for the energy sector. The MSE team includes in-house engineering and software experts and a professional team for energy/fuel management solutions for every client, ranging a client with a single remote site and up to the energy/fuel supply chain management in large scale organizations and companies.

In organizations and companies that in their day-to-day operations either are suppliers of energy materials such as fuels or significant consumers of these energy materials, related expenses are critical in the day-to-day management of the organization. In this area there is a significant inefficiency resulting in unnecessary expenses, losses, unnecessary pollution and more. MSE's vision is to provide its customers with a network of information, data and administrative and operational tools for their energy material management. Specifically, MSE systems enable clients to increase operations efficiency throughout the fuel supply chain with improved logistics, inventory control, fuel reconciliation, and by reducing human errors and fuel theft.