MSE's LGM10 system is an Internet of Things (IoT) product designed to remotely monitor and manage gas inventory (LPG) in end-user bulk tanks in which are installed Rochester gauges or similar models. The product comprises an easy-to-install, intrinsically safe, battery-powered remote terminal unit (RTU) with a cellular modem and gauge reader. The RTU monitors the gauge readings. The cellular modem transmits the readings to the MSE central management server one or more times a day, according to the client's settings and when an alert event occurs. The central server processes and analyses the gas inventory based on dedicated algorithms. The information is presented to the client via internet management interfaces to the individual tank and the entire tank network of the client.


  • Updated information on LPG tank inventory.

  • Updated alerts.

  • Centralized management of LPG network of client sites.

  • Streamlining efficiency and logistical optimization and significant cost savings for LPG supplier.