MSE's Cyl-X10 is an Internet of Things (IoT) product designed for remote monitoring of an automatic LPG changeover switch. This model is intended for a two-sided array of LPG cylinders in which a pressure operated changeover switch with a dry contact output determines the side that supplies the gas flow through the LPG regulator. Cyl-X10 is suitable for commercial suppliers of LPG cylinders for monitoring of their clients as well as for individual clients. The Cyl-X10 comprises an easy-to-install, intrinsically safe, battery-powered remote terminal unit (RTU) with a cellular modem to which the switch׳s dry contact output is connected via a two-wire cable. The RTU monitors the state of the changeover switch (open/closed) and the environment's temperature. The cellular modem transmits the information monitored by the RTU to MSE's central server one or more times a day, depending on the client end-users settings and, when the switch state changes. In the event of a changeover, the central server performs analysis to determine if the changeover was activated by the normal depletion of the gas on one side of the array or may be the result of external environmental temperature or a malfunction. The analysis is based on dedicated algorithms. The processed information is presented to the client via internet management interfaces to individual sites and networks of sites.


  • Updated status of site and alerts.

  • Reduced false alarm maintenance calls because of inclement weather.

  • Centralized management of LPG supplier's network of client sites.

  • Streamlining efficiency and logistical optimization for significant cost savings for the supplier.

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